Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is just my opinion and may not be worth anything but if I had to bet on it I would bet the very rich people are trying to buy this election, People like Gates and Trump tend to try and buy republican candidates in order to run the country to there benefit. They got there tax cut passed and now want to keep it so they can get richer off of the poor and middle class. They were suppose to take the money they saved on taxes and create jobs but they haven't done so, we need to take that tax break back because its not fair to the general public only benefits the rich, Only Obama will have a chance to stop this outrageous tax cut for the wealthy , Romney has been bought by the rich to keep this tax cut for the rich only. Its a crying shame that the presidential election can be bought and its dispicatable that a rich person to even try to control America to his benefit alone, I call it mutiny in a sly type of way, and the perpertrators need to be punished. If it was a poor person doing the same in a different way we would be shot. Take heed a lot of people are being fooled by some rich guy in the background and we all need to wise up and get some honest people in power until then we have no hope and can only pick the best of all the evils and its hard to deceide now a days. But keep in mind the rich wants to get richer and they really don't care about the poor, think about it and I know you will vote for the right person when it comes to national security and equality for all not just the rich.