Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vietnam Veteran Fighting Veteran Administration For Agent Orange Disability

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Just call me Ron and my story is a complicated one, I joined the Navy in 1967 and discharge in 1974 did 7 years and 2 tours of duty on board the USS Valley Forge. Went to Va hospital in 2011 and was diagnosed with ashemic heart desease  had a quadruple bypass done and was told to apply for disability because it was the agent orange that caused this.I wMy doctor Mister Cool he even looked up the ship i was on and said I  qualified for disability. I applied in May of 2012 and been waiting and  and I appealed its hard to gather the proper information when so long a time has passed over 40 years now i'm at the stage of going before a panel and I don't Know what to do. Since i do this best thought i would blog about my experience,

I was on a aircraft carrier two tours of ten months each cruising up and down the vietnam coast, Now they say you have to set foot on vietnam soil to get your disability, been so long ago I can't even remember but i think when I was discharged I went by helicopter to Danang then by transport to Us via Alaska. well I really can't prove it but still being on an aircraft with all the aircraft going and coming they had to bring back some of the agent orange with them and all the dead bodies they had on board were definitely in vietnam and in close proximity of agent orange and you have to take into consideration the wind blowing it toward the ship and also the water supply I even heard we were drinking agent orange coctails each time we drank some water on board ship. I wish I could contact some of the people who were there with me I tried but it seems most have either passed away or moved too far away and I can't find them.

I Think this is about my last chance of finding someone who can help in my situation, I live on a limited income and usually have to eat at the food shelter several times each month. Anyone that can help me out with any information will be greatly appreciated and hope there are not to many veterans going through what i  am. contact me on this blog or call me at 336-639-8132

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