Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ohio Bass Fishing

"Ohio Bass Fishing"," Although the bass tend to be bigger in the south, Ohio produces huge quantities of largemouth, smallmouth, striped and white bass; More than enough for any serious bass angler.

Lake Erie is a great lake for Smallmouth bass.

Knox Lake is one of the best Ohio bass fishing lakes for largemouth bass.
 You can easily catch big largemouth bass from shore.
 There is however an 18" catch limit but it is easy to catch bass above 18" here.

Lake La Su An is the Ohio bass fishing community's favorite lake.
 There are large schools of bass all over the lake, so many that there are no restrictions what so ever on catching them.

Turkeyfoot Lake is well known for its large size bass.
 The lake is 52 feet deep at its deepest point.

Tycoon Lake is a shallower lake that tends to warm up quicker than the rest.
 Because of the 18" minimum requirement there is a good population of big bass.
 The lake lies between state routes 325 and 554 five miles northeast of Rio Grande.
 Access is from state Route 325 by Eagle Road.


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