Thursday, January 24, 2013

Outdoor Showers Create a Tropical Feel

"Outdoor Showers Create a Tropical Feel"," They're looking to create a feel, an attitude, an environment.

An Outdoor Shower Can Transform your Backyard

If the goal of your outdoor remodeling project is to create a tropical environment, then the outdoor shower is an element that you don't want to leave out.
 One of the best outdoor showers I've done was, except for the landscaping, fully open to the backyard on one whole side of 6' long! And the house was on a busy lake, so privacy was important.

The use of bamboo really added to the Gilligan's Island feel of the space.
 the wood! Unless the wood is pressure treated or a wood that is naturally impervious to water damage, then it will eventually rot.

Provide a seating area - you'll want to have a place to relax in this shower.
 This is more along the lines of a hot tub or sauna.

Try to Recycle the water - in one of the outdoor showers we built, there was a slope to the floor that led all excess water into the adjoining planting area, which was left out of the automatic sprinkler system.

Get Crazy and Go For It!

Outdoor showers are radical! Outdoor showers are Sexy! Outdoor showers are fun! Build one for yourself and you'll enjoy getting clean all summer long