Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rules and Regulations - Sustainable Fishing Makes Sense For All

"Rules and Regulations - Sustainable Fishing Makes Sense For All","  Whether it be a superior instructing you to do something you think is illegal, or seeing a money making opportunity but being uncomfortable acting on it as it feels immoral, people are often conflicted how to balance between doing the right thing but also keeping an eye towards advancing business or themselves as a professional.

This plays a big part in the fishing industry for two major reasons.
  Issues like over fishing, which can lead to serious, irreversible damage to many species of fish, as well as damage to the local and surrounding ecosystems are put to rest with responsible fisheries management.
 Responsible fisheries management means more than simply laying out some rules that may or not be followed or enforced: it is a major part of how the fishing industry works, and is not looked upon lightly by anybody who considers him or herself a proactive or progressive member of the extended fishing community.
  Knowing that the fish you are purchasing, preparing and serving was caught in a controlled, responsible system is very important to many people.
  Being able to serve seafood knowing that it was caught without compromising the environment is important and will undoubtedly allow many more consumers to rest at ease when it comes time to enjoy the delicious (and sustainable) food.

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