Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Caring For Tropical Fish",

"Caring For Tropical Fish"," Keeping and caring for a tank of tropical fish require a little bit of extra attention.

The H2O factor

Water quality is undoubtedly the most important aspect of keeping your tropical fish alive and thriving.
 Avoid adjusting the water temperature abruptly.

Fish food

A good diet for tropical fish has 30 to 36 percent protein, 10 percent fat, and low amount of carbohydrates.
 A general formula is to feed 10g of flake food to 50 adult tropical or freshwater fish.
 Keep food stored in moisture resistant containers and in a cool dry area.

Lights, air, action

Airflow inside your tropical fish tank should be regulated at a rate of two liters per hour, per liter of water.
 You will want to make sure that you install proper lighting in your aquarium.
 Only use lights that are recommended for aquarium use.
 A good idea is to install a dimmer device in the room that the tank is in.

Keeping it stable

Use a home water-quality testing kit to measure the temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia levels, nitrate levels and salinity of water.