Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Started in Tropical Fish Care

"Getting Started in Tropical Fish Care"," It is true that you are responsible for providing fish with a clean and healthy environment, as well food and vegetation, but learning all about tropical fish care and maintaining a successful aquarium are not hard things to do.

Tropical fish care requires a general knowledge of what fish need and how they live in their natural habitat, and then providing them with a tank environment that is as close to that as possible.
 Obviously, the fish don't have those chemicals in their natural environment so any residue from cleaning products will be quite harmful to them.
 So, in terms of tropical fish care and cleaning your tank, damp rags and warm water are all you should need.
 The majority of new aquarium keepers make the mistake of feeding their fish way too much, way too often.
 Also, leftover food in your tank will start to degrade and this will cause bacteria and impurities to build up in your water.
 Fish often skip a day of eating when in their natural habitat, so if you cut back on the amount you give them they will still be fine.

Too many fish in the same aquarium isn't good; regardless of how good your tropical fish care is, it can't make up for the damage caused by an overcrowded tank or a tank with fish that are too large for it.
 Fish that are crowded often nip at or pick on other fish in efforts to mark their territory.
 If you cannot have a large tank then be sure to reduce the number and size of the fish you choose to keep.

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