Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Diagnosing Illnesses in the Tropical Tank & Choosing the Right Medication

"Diagnosing Illnesses in the Tropical Tank & Choosing the Right Medication"," Fear not, many fish ailments easy to treat, provided they are nipped in the bud at the first chance.

Ich or White Spot

The symptoms of this disease are small white dots, appearing a little like grains of sugar sprinkled on the fish.
 Fish often carry the disease without showing any symptoms unless there is poor water quality in the tropical aquarium, or the fish becomes stressed and their immune systems are compromised.


Grayish cotton wool like patches on the skin or gills usually point to fungus.
 It usually clears up quite easily with medication if it has not progressed too far.
 Again, fin rot can be treated with medication.


This is a parasite which attacks the skin or gills and is demonstrated by the fish's cloudy skin and flicking or rubbing against ornaments or substrate.

When medicating tropical aquariums it is very important to follow the medication instructions very carefully.
 If that option is not available to you, however, we recommend a 30% water change at least to improve water quality.
 Do remember to use a water treatment to remove chlorine and chlorimine from tap water, and be sure to remove any carbon from your filter before adding medication otherwise the medication will be absorbed by the carbon.


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