Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gold Panning and Prospecting"

"Gold Panning and Prospecting"," They are also great additions to a family vacation.
 Panning was brought into the American pubic mindset during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s and has remained ever since.

To begin prospecting and panning, you need a few things.
 You need to know what you're doing, so you'll need to read a book on prospecting and panning if you're planning on going without a guide.

 This should not be too expensive, as there are plastic alternatives to the higher priced metal kits.
 Of course, not all of this panning equipment is absolutely necessary; some of it will just make your panning experience easier.
 You'll need to know where to go.
 Some rivers used to be fruitful for prospectors, but they have been picked clean and there is very little left for today's prospector.
 There are specialty retailers that sell these types of maps.
 Be sure to look for more information about these maps as well.


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