Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Birdwatcher in Profile"

People who are birding enthusiasts have an aura about them.

When involved in the pursuit of their hobby they seem to have boundless energy.
 Long discussions will take place, sometimes even heated ones, over identifying the rare summer visitor, which quite possibly is the common house sparrow.
 You might discover underneath their exterior, a frustrated Sherlock Holmes intent on solving the mystery.
 They are never bored or at a loss, as birds are all around.
 Instantly, there is a flurry of turning pages, pencils at the ready, binoculars trained, and the inevitable conference: was it? Could it possibly be? No! No, that's not it.

I would describe them as driven.
 Absolutely not!!

Their persistence, ruthlessly tracking and stalking is quite frightening.
 Another unfortunate character failing is that they are quite unprincipled in claiming that first sighting.

Some birders just have to be top dog.
 This particular species of bird watchers, known as Twitchers hop on planes, travel halfway across the world, and sometimes into remote and dangerous terrain, just to find that rare, uncommon specimen.
 In some ways they remind me of big game hunters, although their quarry does live to fight another day.
 He, or she, has a entire arsenal of equipment that has to be carried around at all times, with no regard to the inconvenience of fitting it all in.
 In spite of all this, there is nothing more entertaining and stimulating than the enthusiasm and curiosity a bird watcher displays when on the hunt.

A true birder has such an appeal that even the most jaded and sceptical observer is affected by their wonderful obsession with birds.

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