Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Pest Profile: Flying Squirrels"

"Pest Profile: Flying Squirrels","

Flying Squirrels 101

Southern flying squirrels are the smaller of two flying squirrel species native to North America.
 Flyers live in colonies, sometimes with as many as 20 members! When they reproduce, flyers usually have 2-7 pups twice a year.
 Sadly, when one flying squirrel decides that your home is a great hangout, they bring a whole colony of flyers with them to roost.
 Pregnant flyers also seek the safety of attics for birthing and raising their pups.
 These animals are rodents, which means they must chew to file down their teeth.
 Wiring damage is a very serious concern because it can quickly become a fire hazard.
 It is rare to catch typhus from a flyer, but it is a risk to consider.
 Rabies is extremely rare in flyers, but it is possible for them to carry it.
 You have to make sure that every single flyer is relocated away from your home, which can be a time-consuming task.
 Professional wildlife extractors can make sure each member of the colony is safely and properly caught and relocated.


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