Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Pest Profile: Rats"

"Pest Profile: Rats"," Some people keep rats as pets, and some people want to stand on a chair and scream whenever they see a rat, pet or not.
 Sadly, this makes them a major pest problem for us.
 Both species are medium sized rodents that rarely reach more than a pound in weight.
 They have an acute sense of smell which allows them to be used to detect land mines and tuberculosis.
 Like all rodents, they give birth to litters.
 Their expected lifespan in the wild is roughly a year due to predators, but rats can live for two or more years in captivity.
 Many rats live off of our wasted or neglected food.
 Their close ties to humans have made rats more brazen and fearless towards us, which allows them better opportunities for food, but puts us in closer and closer contact with them.

Are They Dangerous?

Like all rodents, rats have powerful teeth that are constantly growing.
 This means that if you have a rat living in your house or walls, that rat is causing some serious damage.
 Electrical wiring damaged by rats can cause a serious fire hazard, and rodents are believed to cause over a fourth of the undetermined fires in America.
 It's important for you to not try to corner or appear to threaten a rat up close in any way because they can and will bite.
 Well, that's not entirely true: the fleas the rats carried actually were the carriers of the plague.
 Outside of their association with bubonic plague, rats can carry Lassa fever, leptospirosis and Hantavirus infection.


Contrary to popular belief, poisons do NOT make rodents go outside for water.
 Traps are an effective tool while solving a rat problem; not the total solution.


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