Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pest Profile: Spiders

"Pest Profile: Spiders"," The vast majority of people either fear or dislike spiders, with only a very small minority claiming to like them.
 However, where one spider has managed to get in, others can and will follow.
 Where insects have six legs and three body segments, arachnids have 8 legs and two body segments.
 Spiders mostly feed off of insects and other spiders, but some larger species have been known to kill and eat birds and lizards.
 Spiders generally use the silk they produce to create webs to ensnare their prey instead of seeking out prey, but they can and do leave their webs to find better locations and will bite perceived threats.
 They can stay unnoticed by hiding in corners, crevices, nooks, and crannies, and they are able to populate your entire house with their offspring without your knowledge.

Why They're Dangerous

The majority of spiders we find in our homes are not actually harmful.
 These spiders can easily remain unnoticed in your home until you or your child or pet has been bitten and an emergency situation arises.
 What may not seem like a bad bite could end up costing a limb or a life if it does not receive proper medical attention.
 You may believe that you've killed every last one in your home only to find an occupied web floating from your ceiling the next moment.
 Your professional exterminator will exterminate the spiders living in your home, create a barrier around your home to prevent newcomers from finding their way inside, and remove spider webs from around your structure.


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