Friday, November 9, 2012

Coconut Oil and Tropical Fruits: Are They Safe?

"Coconut Oil and Tropical Fruits: Are They Safe?","  These groups campaigned that restrictions should be placed on the importation of these oils from the tropics because they increased the risk of heart diseases.
 This attack was branded the "Tropical Grease Campaign."

History and good science however, have vindicated the use of these oils, as research has shown that these oils are in fact protective against heart diseases.
 Trans-fats have been shown conclusively, to promote heart diseases.

Another campaign is currently being developed to restrict the use of Tropical fruits and ground provisions.
 They argue that the increasing prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus worldwide is to be blamed on the consumption of food with high "Glycemic Index. "
 The higher the Glycemic Index of a food the greater the glucose and Insulin elevation after consumption of that food.
 This fat retention along with the increased blood glucose increases the risk for Diabetes, therefore foods that have a high Glycemic Index should be avoided.
 Thus fruits with low Glycemic Index should be encouraged including Temperate fruits such as apples and pears.
" It would not be surprising if in the next few years there is a considerable reduction in the export and sales of Tropical fruits and ground provision.
 It is surprising that this belief is propagated since statistics show that Diabetes is far less common in countries that have a high intake of Tropical fruits and ground provision, than those with a low intake.
 Cortisol is produced by the body in a rhythmic pattern in which it is high at 8o'clock every morning.
 With a little stretch of your imagination it may be a good idea if you harmonized the growth building hormone (Insulin) with the body's destructive hormone (Cortisol), you would probably cancel out the negative effects of these two hormones and result in a more balanced and positive outcome.
 Otherwise, the prevalence of Diabetes will increase and the likelihood that the "Tropical Glycemic Campaign" will succeed and damage our export and agricultural economy.