Sunday, November 11, 2012

Panning For Gold at $1,200 Per Ounce

"Panning For Gold at $1,200 Per Ounce", At such low prices, gold panning was considered a fun hobby that could possibly pay for your equipment and weekend excursions, but not a realistic source of income.

Gold panning is an excellent family activity that provides exercise, family bonding, an appreciation for nature and put money in your pocket.
 You need to have the right equipment, know how to use it, know where to use it and know what to look for.
 For adults I recommend a 14"plastic pan with ridges to collect the gold as it settles.

Once you have the proper equipment you need to find a place to pan.
 To find the best places to pan you can research online, check with medal detector and panning dealers in your area, look for gold prospecting maps at your local library or talk to "old timers" in the area.
 Many places will allow panning as long as you are not digging or dredging.

Now you're ready to pan! Locate an area of the stream where it changes velocity, such as a bend or where the river widens.
 Pick out any large rocks.
 This will allow the heavier material, including the gold, the settle to the bottom.

The remaining sand should be mostly black.
 Tilt the pan forward and gently shake it back and forth so that water moves the sand around.
 Use the sucker bottles the suck up any pieces of gold that are in the bottom.
 Good luck with your prospecting.

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