Saturday, November 24, 2012

Port Douglas Summer in the Tropical Far North of Queensland, Australia

"Port Douglas Summer in the Tropical Far North of Queensland, Australia"," Whatever we call it though summer in the tropical far north of Queensland, Australia is what defines a tropical climate and without doubt is a most beautiful time of the year.

Whatever we choose to call summer in the tropics it's true to that name providing lush growth and an abundance of life giving rain.
 This pattern may swing back and forth as the monsoon trough fights to push its way further south.

You might be lucky and witness some of the heaviest rain fall imaginable, briefly turning roadways into rivers and then you realise why the culverts and drains are so huge!

The summer season is the season of renaissance as life under the tropical sun responds to the moist warm air that fuels growth and rejuvenation.
 Fill your lungs with a fresh sea breeze and marvel at the wonder of a hot, wet, green and tropical summer season.

Port Douglas is situated in the heart of the tropical far north coastline and is a perfect place to spend an Australian summer holiday.
 The cycles of life unfold before your very eyes.
 Share this experience and visit the tropical far north of Queensland.