Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Shark pictures - CSI Style!"

"Shark pictures - CSI Style!"," It does not matter if it is taking during a shark watch tour, a surfing incident or a shark attack, pictures, even fuzzy ones can help identify the shark species involved.
CSI style!

You see, even on shark pictures that are unclear, a bit too dark or too light, there are always clues that can be observed and used to inform people for safety reasons that certain shark specie is roaming in the coastal waters rimming the beach.

Depending on the clues provided by the shark pictures, you can identify the size, the shark specie, the approximate weight and even its intentions.
 An example would be that large triangular-shaped teeth more than likely belong to a great white shark compared to hook-shaped teeth, which would be the ones owned by a tiger shark.

The color and the type of fins would also help in identifying the shark species included in the pictures.
 You see, breaching is one of the peculiar behaviors of a great white shark.

Even things such as the shape of the snout, the eyes, the print on their skin or even some specific details such as barbells can help provide some useful information contained on shark pictures.

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