Monday, November 12, 2012

Gold Panning

"Gold Panning"," if in a known gold-bearing region, to actually come up with some color in your pan! That's when it all goes down hill from there.
 then a few pickers, next thing you know you're looking to buy a sluice and then a high-banker and when that doesn't cut it anymore your packing in a 6" dredge! So basically the meager gold pan was your gateway drug into the world of gold fever! 98% of all gold prospectors never recover!

Just kidding!

Sometimes as I begin to ramble I tend to look back on myself as an example, so work with me.

Gold pans come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, the round ones are the typical pan most people are familiar with, but all are designed to keep the heaviest material at the bottom.
 it sure is a lot harder to lose your hard-earned gold, and they (the Chinese gold prospectors) were some of the most efficient miners to hit the gold rush!! They went at it in a very methodical and well-planned way, and left nothing of value in their path, when they were done working an area you better believe it was cleaned out.
the potatoes are easily panned out, and as a Frisbee when bored, but after using a lot of gadgets and toys for finding gold, one usually ends up right back at the panning tub for a final cleanup, so don't forget to always keep at-least a gold pan in your recreational vehicle just in case you come across a spot that just looks too good to NOT have gold in it, because its cheap and doesn't take up much space behind your seat and its easy to use, and don't forget there are plenty of articles and websites online that can teach you how to pan for gold, as well as videos on "YouTube" under "gold panning" But it's up to you to practice your gold panning, so get out there and pan for gold!! With a little practice you'll be a gold panning pro in no time!


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