Thursday, March 29, 2012

"All Set For a Sexy Halloween Party"

"All Set For a Sexy Halloween Party"," What can you do, though, to add a bit of spice to the annual horror fest, without drifting too far from the traditional Halloween themes and practices? Setting the Sexy Party Scene To achieve a sexy Halloween atmosphere for your party, you can make use of many of the usual Halloween props. If your friends are hosting the party, then you could always take the initiative, suggest the sensual ambience, and then offer to help get it all set up. So, if your home, or one room of your home, is set for a traditional Halloween scene, with low lights, and hidden horrors, it need only take one catalyst to turn that very same atmosphere into a sensual one. Strips of black lights can be very effective at creating horror effects, illuminating fluorescent paint graphics, and they can also make white surfaces glow and dark surfaces disappear. The same applies to strobe lights. They can also help to provide the mood for a more sensual interlude later. Glow bulbs are a great innovation for some really weird lighting effects. Finally, never forget the candles, associated with romantic evenings, seduction, witches brewing their evil brews, and vampires drooling over their poor victim in the dungeon, about to sink those fangs into her defenceless neck. Dressing For A Sexy Halloween Party If you are inviting people to your home for a Halloween party, then you can advise them in advance that it will be a sexy theme. Finding that outfit will be much easier for the women than the men. Popular girls' and women's costumes that are most popular with the guys can also serve for Halloween. There are loads more ideas to choose from, though, including seductive schoolgirls, revealing nurse's uniforms, French maids. The only problem for the ladies is choosing from such a vast range of possibilities. With all that sexiness on view and display, it would surely be a sexy Halloween party. Then, have a sexy dancing contest for men and women. Just imagine playing that game, and the dancing, in a sexy Greek toga or other sexy Halloween costume! Whatever you decide, have fun! . WHAT'S UP  
Sexy Halloween Party