Friday, March 30, 2012

"The Real Cause of Stress - It Isn't What You Think"

"The Real Cause of Stress - It Isn't What You Think"," Knowing what causes stress in the first place is the first step to reducing the amount of stress in your life. So what is the real cause of stress - it isn't what you think it is. Their workplace, their spouse, their finances, or even their neighbors. Luckily, these outward situations and circumstances are NOT the cause of our stress. If the real cause of our stress was created by our surrounding environment it would mean that we had no control over the stress in our lives and we would be doomed to live with stress until things changed around us. Yes, we are. Stress is a result of how we perceive the situations and circumstances around us, not the circumstances themselves. When we are lying awake at night because we are worried and stressed about finances - what is the real cause of the stress? Not the finances themselves but our minds and our thoughts about our finances. Stress is actually just an emotion, it isn't a real thing you can hold or throw or give away. The next time time you find yourself feeling stressed, stop and focus on what you were thinking about that caused you to feel stressed. You could try to create alternate endings that are positive, or let your imagination create silly outcomes, or simply decide that you are will to be perfectly fine with whatever happens. So the next time you are worried about your finances, realize that it is only your thoughts that are focused on not having enough, and find a way to change how your see the situation. Who knows what can happen, so play with your thoughts until you find one that allows you to feel better. . check it out here