Monday, March 26, 2012

"Fun Children's Book Highlights Weight Management Issues"

"Fun Children's Book Highlights Weight Management Issues"," Maciej Zajac beautifully illustrates it in a way that adds emphasis to the storyline! The children's book is written to encourage physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle; however, individuals of all ages may find it a challenging reminder! Oscar and Otis are best friends who have a story to tell. He had called to discuss how his weight puts him at a higher risk for many health problems. After thinking about his dad, he realized that he also could become sick. Otis mumbled a reply because he just happened to be having a snack! Oscar invited himself over to Otis's house to talk about it more. In fact, if he kept eating like he did, he could get a belly just like his Dad! Oscar and Otis talked about what they could do. They met Phineus then and explained their concern about Oscar's dad and that they wanted to get something to help him get skinny. Finally Oscar knew what to do, he would send his dad there one day to play on the machines and get healthy. He decided right then was the time to talk to him--and so he did! And his dad listened and, encouraged, decided to not only help himself, but also his son. Oscar and Otis found that they had more energy and became involved with playing sports and activities with other kids. She notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has pointed out that over the past three decades the childhood obesity rate has more than doubled for preschool children and adolescents. Parents, grandparents, concerned adults--if you know of a child, or children, who is already beginning, or has a weight problem, please consider this book a must-read! By Alicia Kirschenheiter 51 Pages .