Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Fast Food Restaurants - Are They Good For Business Meetings?"

"Fast Food Restaurants - Are They Good For Business Meetings?"," Planning a business meeting is generally straight forward. The cuisine is not too refined and the cost fairly cheap. The atmosphere is relaxed but not too chilled and they don't want you to linger overly long. To a fast food franchise owner, faster turn-over equals faster profits. You could do away with 'traditional' business meeting mode and ease your staff into the meeting with an appropriate ice-breaker. * Choose the quietest period. Wait until kids are at school and mums at the shops!* Pre-warn the manager if your team is large. * Find the furthest place away from the evil music!* Use the franchise model and environment to make comparisons with your new concepts. * Enjoy the event! Make sure you take all necessary equipment (agenda, pens, paper etc) so that the meeting can start promptly and end on time. Choose a location within easy reach of your team and local schools to aid a quick getaway. Enjoy the event! Business meetings are an unavoidable part of business life, but who said they have to be dull and boring? The trick is to find different locations to turn them into Enjoyable Events! To achieve this, increase your skill base to leave 'boring' behind. That way you won't be dependent on one business idea alone. . THIS IS WHAT YOU GET TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT  


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