Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Time Traveler: 5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Destination

"First Time Traveler: 5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Destination"," Someone like me would say ""What's there to decide? I will just pick up my bag and go!"" But the thought process of a first time traveler is not the same. I remember when I tried bungee jumping for the first time a few years ago or to be more precise I remember my racing heartbeat and sweaty palms. Wasn't really aware of what I was doing at that time. Since, the first time is the hardest I have a few pointers that will make the decision of picking the destination a little easier for you. What about the second word? The size of the group will now get smaller. In case you haven't figured it out as yet all these words are forms of goodbye in Spanish, French and Russian respectively. If you were born in the USA then chances are that you will recognize a lot of Spanish words, the same cannot be said for Russian. But do not get too hung up on this particular point. It's ""all in the head"" as they say. If you don't find what you were looking for then you will go to the next supermarket that is a little farther away as compared to the first one. If you are in Miami then go to Colombia for a few days. Once you get comfortable you can go to Europe. My trip was ruined because it was raining all the time Unlike the first two points this should not be taken lightly. A rainy season is the worst of them all. When it comes to winters or summers it is a matter of personal choice. And no rains, I hate rains! Manage your expectations ""You know I thought that everyone would be blonde with skin whiter than milk. When it comes to countries other than the one in which we were born we are very likely to have misconceptions and sometimes, over the top expectations. A person who goes to India to learn more about enlightenment won't achieve the state of enlightenment as soon he/she steps out of the plane. This is an amazing experience. You will often catch yourself saying ""Aha! Now I understand why mom/dad likes to do things that way!"" As I said in the beginning you can do all the analysis that you want. And no matter what, a good trip or a bad trip (in my experience there are no bad trips), don't think that every consequent trip will be the same. TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE  

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