Monday, June 11, 2012

Bra Size Links To Back Pain In Many Cases

Numerous women have pondered if bra size links to back pain, and most people are not surprised to find that it does. Women with large breasts often experience ongoing discomfort in their neck or back. They may also experience discomfort in their shoulders, as bra straps can cause irritation to the skin's surface.

It is also common for women with large breasts to find it challenging to participate in certain activities. This is due to the fact that large breasts can put excess weight on the wall of the woman's chest. The upper spine is quite strong, however, excess weight in the area of the chest can create substantial discomfort, especially as one grows older.

This can result in poor posture and even spinal deformity. In other cases, women with large breasts may lean forward in an attempt to conceal their full bosom. Although many times this is done subconsciously, it can worsen back problems and further affect the woman's posture.

Back discomfort related to large breasts is typically the result of muscle and ligament strain. Such pain usually increases as the woman ages. The condition often becomes chronic in nature and although its severity may change on a daily basis, it never entirely goes away.

Large breasted women, however, do not have to reconcile themselves to permanent discomfort. Several options exist that can prevent the latter from happening. While there is no solution that will guarantee a pain-free life, below are some ways to greatly reduce one's risk of this happening.

Wearing a sports bra is a simple but highly effective remedy regarding the prevention of the aforementioned conditions. Such bras not only offer a greater level of support than their traditional counterparts, but they also force one to maintain better posture. The latter, as previously mentioned, is very important as well.

One may wish to consult a chiropractor who can recommend exercises to strengthen one's muscles and ligaments, as well as improve her posture. This information can also be obtained on the Internet. If such options are pursued but no relief is found, a woman may wish to pursue breast reduction.

However, the latter is not something that one should take lightly. Rather, it must be regarded as a life altering decision. This is because as with any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, there are risks involved with breast reduction.

For this reason, one should speak to a chiropractor first in order to determine if all other options have been exhausted. Next, she should speak to a reputable surgeon about the risks and long-term side effects of the aforementioned procedure. A qualified surgeon will determine if the woman's bra size links to back pain or if this occurrence is from an underlying medical condition.
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