Monday, June 18, 2012

Your Weight Loss System

"Your Weight Loss System","  In this modern era, many of the things that helped make you gain weight will still be there before, during, and after any weight loss program you may undertake.
  Just like any journey, you will need a map, some sort of weight loss plan, to arrive safely at your destination.
  Some have faster vehicles and shoot down the road while others want to sightsee along the way, or just don't have cars fast enough or in good enough mechanical condition to fly like the wind.

Your weight loss plan is somewhat like that.

What is your schedule like?  Is it hurried and rushed?  Does it need to be that way?  Where will you find the time to exercise?

Do you have to eat out a lot?  How can you get the proper food to fit your weight loss plan.
 However, remember that you are the one who should design the system.
 Also, just like the business traveler who takes a few hours off from the business demands of his or her trip and finds refreshment in a visit to a local night spot or point of interest, it might be beneficial for you to deviate once in a while, turn your back on your weight loss system and plan, and just have a good time.
  If you know that most of the time you are following the system's guidelines and striving towards its goals, the occasional deviation will not be of great consequence and may even be beneficial in its effect.

Your weight loss plan should be written down.

Your weight loss system should not be chosen in haste or in ignorance.
  I have known instances in which people gave up on a weight loss program, even though it was working, simply because they did not understand some of the things that were happening and expected some things to be happening that really couldn't be expected at that stage.

Many will offer you a patented, cut-and-dried weight loss  system guaranteed to work.
  The results that DO occur will be directly related to a broad combination of factors including physical health at the beginning, genetic capabilities (what you inherited), personal work ethic, understanding of the program,