Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Woodworking Plans - Not Rocket Science

"DIY Woodworking Plans - Not Rocket Science"," I had a 4-H project that my dad helped me with.
 I won a ribbon, and the rack has hung in my mother's kitchen for years.
 Many years later, I am still developing my little wood shop and tools.

If you are like me when I began, you don't have a lot of big tools at your access for DIY woodworking plans.
 You don't have to have all of the big stationary tools to begin with DIY woodworking plans.
 Beginning tools that I recommend are:

Basic tools for marking, such as a speed square, tape, and pencil.
 Build a guide jig to help you cut straight.

 For shaping the wood, the simplest tool is a block plane.

 A cordless drill is great for drilling holes.
 You can find a reasonably priced hand sander at your local hardware store.
 You will need many different sizes.

Along with the tools for DIY woodworking plans, you are going to need a space.
 Section off an area of the wall to hang your tools.
 When purchasing a vice, be sure that it is specifically for woodworking, so not to mark or dent the wood.
 After a few minor scrapes, I've learned better.
 (Luckily nothing worse)
 Use ear protection when running tools, especially for extended periods.

 If you have children, make sure you unplug the tools and store them properly.
 Get in the habit early of doing these things so no one else gets hurt!
 Make sure blades and bits are sharp.

 Never alter safety devices on tools! Do not tie off the guard on your circular saw; hold the guard as you cut.

So you see, DIY woodworking plans are not rocket science.


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