Thursday, June 7, 2012

Residential Solar Systems

"Residential Solar Systems - How Do You Want the Solar Power For Your Home?"," You can use passive solar, thermal solar and photovoltaic solar.

You should plan your house in a way that can make use of solar power without installing anything.
 For example, you can plan to have lower ceiling so that your house will be warmer during winter and you don't have to use heater during the day.
 There are consultants for this if you really want to dig into it deeper.
 If you take a bath during a sunny day, you will feel that sometimes you get warm water without turn on your hot water tap.
 You should consult your engineer or someone who knows the system so that you can install some tools to help you getting thermal solar for your house use.
 The electricity you make will be in direct current, DC.
 This will make sure that you will have electricity to use at night.
 You can buy ready-made solar panels and have them installed into your house.
 You will have to spend several thousand dollars for this.
 With just a couple of hundred dollars, you can make a small system for your home use.
 It is your decision what system you are going to use for your house.