Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is it time to overhaul congress?

Is congress holding us back, take a good look, its like watching a bunch of fifth graders arguing over who is going to get the prize for doing the right thing and ending up getting no prize at all. Why is it so hard to agree on what's best for the country. I will tell you why and you can take it to the bank. Its all about money the Republicans want to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and they are willing to pay to keep it I don't know what they are thinking because I know the american people can see through it and will do the right thing on election day. But my concern is that the rich can buy more ads and spend more money on getting who they want in office and it gets worse each election. I say we need to tax everyone the same no matter what then they would have better things to fight over. A straight 22 per cent across the board for everyone from the poorest to the richest would solve everything but then you have to deal with the greedy who think a billion is not enough I want a trillion so I can be the richest man in the world. A real indication its time to overhaul congress, get some poor people in office cut the pay they get and stop giving them a free lunch and free ride.