Monday, June 18, 2012

Comparing The Giants Of American Higher Education

This feature will compare and contrast the values of three of America's foremost institutions. These institutions are Harvard and MIT based in north-east and Stanford, based in Palo Alto on the west coast of the USA. These 3 institutions are tied by their competitive rivalry, be that geographical closeness or their illustrious history. In this feature we will host a run down of facts and contrast on these leaders in academics. 

In contrast to the beliefs of many, Stanford actually is not among the Ivy League of higher education. The league is really just an athletic conference based in the north east of the US. It is understandable then that MIT is commonly thought to be based in this region too, but that isn't the case. No, despite often out-ranking the founding members it doesn't compete in the conference alongside Princeton, Yale or Harvard.

What are the difference between Palo Alto and Boston, MA then? Stanford, of course, is found next to Silicon Valley, which is logical when you think about it as many Stanford alumni have been crucial in the development of companies there. Notably, the founders of Hewlett Packard. Facebook also resides in Silicon Valley and Mark Zuckerberg famously attended Harvard. Harvard and MIT are based in historic Boston. The city was the base for America's revolution. 

How difficult can it be to earn admittance to these institutions? You will not be startled to establish that your grade point average is a valuable step. That said your GPA is not sufficient to earn entrance, you will need strong references and extra-curriculars too. The success rate for Harvard and Stanford applicants is 7%. M.I.T. has an enhanced rate of success that is around 9.7%, or 1742 students entrants for the class of 2015.

Harvard, Stanford and MIT have given the world leaders of culture, commerce and politics. Should you be brave enough to apply for these institutions do so armed with the facts. We wish you the best in your application.

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