Saturday, June 23, 2012

Man Beats Young Daughter\'s Sexual Abuser to Death; Local Community Proclaims Justice was Served

A grand jury will choose whether to indict a youngster, who beat to death his daughter's claimed sexual abuser. For the moment, the identity of the daddy has been kept from the news to offer protection to the identity of his girl. The young girl was not physically mistreated and is doing alright, except, naturally, for considerable emotional and mental shock.

Last Saturday, the person was enjoying a barbeque with his family at their ranch in Shiner, Texas. His girl had rambled off to the barn to feed the chickens when he heard howling. The father saw a man sexually abusing his girl. He stopped the assault and then beat the man repeatedly over the head. The alleged sexual assailant was later confirmed dead at the scene.

The purported sexual attacker was a 47-year-old man and an informal acquaintance of the family, famous for his superior pony grooming ability. The medical examiner proclaimed the root of death as blunt force damage to the head and neck wounds; nonetheless the full postmortem report may not be available for approximately 6 weeks as toxicology testing has been requested.

The incident took place in a small, tired city in Texas, renowned for Spoetzl brewery, a wire and plastics company, and unending acres of farmland. The city bodes itself as the "Cleanest Tiny City in Texas" and is found between Houston and San Antonio. It is a place where violence is hardly the standard.

Members of the community don't fault the girl's father, asserting "Any pop would have done that." The man was a 23-year-old single parent, described as conscientious and not at all violent. He really called 911, telling emergency personnel the man that sexually assaulted his child was lying beaten on the ground. Neighbours describe the father as hard-working, friendly, and mannered "The sort of man that calls folks 'sir.' Said to be a good, fair, industrious kid, who never gets into trouble by the father of the man's previous school friend that owns the ranch across the street from where the incident happened.

Lavaca County Policeman, Mica Harmon, said that the admitted killer appeared remorseful and did not realize the alleged attacker would die at the scene. When questioned if the authorities would press charges, Policeman Harmon explained that once the investigation was complete, the full report would be submitted to the district solicitor, who would then submit it to the grand jury. He also mentioned though, that you've a right to protect your child, and that the man acted in defense of his 3rd person. Some wonder whether the daddy will even need to a full criminal trial and further the damage to the little family.

In a place where everyone knows everybody and gets with everybody, the murder comes as a great shock. In a community that prides itself as peaceful, there's an overwhelming understanding that justice was served.

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