Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do You Have the Skills to Install a DIY Solar System?

"Do You Have the Skills to Install a diy solar panels," A combination of much lower prices for solar cells combined with massive tax credits and incentives from federal and local governments has the price of systems dropping significantly.
 Finally, we all are increasingly aware of the environmental effects of burning carbon fuels, and solar is a great way to reduce our individual impact.
 You need the ability to work with materials like wood and metal.
 The more experience you have in building projects, the easier you will find the challenge of building and installing solar panels.

In order to make the electrical connections between the solar cells, you must be able to make a clean solder joint the will make a complete electrical connection and never fail.
 The good news is that with a little instruction and practice, it is an easy skill to learn.
 Some homeowners have done some simple wiring to add fixtures and switches, but most have to go all the way back to high school science to refresh their memory about DC electric current.
 Fortunately, you will not need to know all the physics to build a diy solar system, but you definitely will have to come up to speed on basic electrical concepts.
 The first is to get a book or some articles that explain the basic electrical concepts that make a solar system work.
 I have written a mini course that give you all these basics, and it is available free from our website listed at the end of this article.
 There are a number of these courses available by searching on the internet.
 Good courses make extensive use of videos and give step by step instructions that are easy to understand.
 Our website offers complete reviews and evaluations of the good courses.

The biggest mistake you can make is to immediately start building a complete solar system for your home.

Start with a project such as solar power for your RV, electricity for a shed or greenhouse, power when camping, or maybe a pump or outside lighting.
 After completing your first project, you will answer a very important question.

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