Monday, June 4, 2012

Inflatable Solar System - A Portable Power

"Inflatable Solar System - A Portable Power"," It is not because I'm interested to follow the footstep of Galileo or Einstein; it is because this is the time that I can have my so called power nap.
 But all that attitude of mine has changed when our substitute science professor spoke in front of our class and throw this alarming question to us, "What if all these energy that we've been using will be depleted and be gone in the near future?", that question alone caught my attention and indeed alarm me, but not for long as our professor begin to suggest that we can reserve the energy coming from the sun and put it in a inflatable container so that it can be used in the future.

Many years have passed and I nearly forgot about that inflatable thing, until I've watch this documentary features in Discovery channel about global warming and energy shortage.
 I quickly search the internet if there's a solution to this dilemma, and with a sigh of relief I found this site, featuring all about solar energy, the abundant energy coming from the sun will be for alternative source of energy.
 So he is not joking after all.
 Picture in your mind an object with solar energy on it, then in an instant, it can be deflated and can fit even in your bag, giving you the choice to bring it anywhere you like.
 This solar water heater is widely used in different parts of the world.
 If your group is planning a weekend activity, you can bring this portable water heater with you.
 Can you imagine that, a water heater that can heat that much but still can be deflated and can be put inside your camping bags.

The solar water heater is just one of the many innovative products that uses the inflatable solar system, if you are the type of person who reads a lot or browse the net often, you will be amaze to see that there are lot of these solar energy based product that's been using the technology of inflatable solar system, These system are designed to be hard and can resist any kind of weather, allowing you to use it anywhere and anytime possible.
 It is within reach of our budget.
 Now, every time I will hear or read about energy shortage, it doesn't alarm or disturb me anymore, for as long there this inflatable solar system around, I'm pretty sure that the coming generation have nothing to worry about.
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