Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Celebrity Hairstyle Secrets - How You Can Look Like the Stars"

"Celebrity Hairstyle Secrets - How You Can Look Like the Stars"," Just look at the hair colour of Angelina Jolie , Jennifer Aniston and Debra Messing to see what I mean. The richer and deeper the colour, the healthier you will look and the more attractive you will appear, it's a well acknowledged fact. The next step is to determine your own hair colour if you don't already know this. Once you have worked out what your hair colour is, try thinking of shades that are really rich in your mind but sticking to your own colour palette. Another good example is Keira Knightley, she looks at her best with chestnut-coloured hair because this is closest to her natural colour. Red hair is really popular at the moment, with stars like Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts endorsing it. This way you can be sure of the colour and whether it suits you. Also, if you just want to look good for one special evening you can then use one of these formulas and not permanently change your colour, but still look astounding. The stars that look the best are the ones that eat the right foods and focus on a good diet. There are a few key things that you need to make sure you get enough of that will help your hair look at its best. The usual recommendation is eight glasses a day, but don't stick rigidly to this, just drink as much as you can. Minerals like iron, zinc and copper are also really important. Zinc is effective in keeping the hair strong, and prevents the hair falling out; it can be found in seafood and meat. Vitamins are also effective in maintaining a good scalp and a great overall condition of your hair, especially vitamins A, B and C. A great celebrity secret is the sweet potato, which is full of vitamins A and B and other great nutrients which will give your hair great life and body. Get your hair color right and you can change the look of your hair overnight - and look stunning into the bargain! You don't have to spend a fortune to understand the beauty & hair regimes of the celebrities - these simple tips can help you copy the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity! .