Friday, May 25, 2012

Open Career Doors With An Mba

An MBA in one's resume is akin to a five star rating in hotels and places the holder at least a step ahead of the pack in the crowded job market. As today's marketplace evolves and becomes increasingly complex, many employers are choosing to balance their need to retain good employees with their need to fill managerial positions with candidates possessing advanced-level knowledge and skills. They're doing this by sending selected employees to business school - and footing the bill.

In the United Sates alone, in any given year, there are close to 300,000 MBA aspirants pursuing the MBA degree. What is significant is that this is also true all over the world and is a further indication that an MBA is a desirable quality in the increasingly competitive world job market. It would be interesting to ask if MBAs are that good, or are they overrated? Some facts below should shed light on the foregoing question.

Business Preparedness: The MBA program and business schools give you valuable knowledge about business and all its related aspects. The course is not limited to exhaustive studies and paper evaluations, but makes full use of practical models and realistic scenarios, simulations of actual and potential situations, and approaches to management.

Leadership Qualities: An MBA degree involves rigorous training, assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects; all of which give you the necessary abilities to handle real-life business situations. This helps to set you apart from those who do not have such expertise and can make you a leader in your chosen field.

Networking: The alliances that you form with your classmates and the network that you create is deemed as one of the most important and valuable things that an MBA program can give you. These contacts that are developed in schools and nurtured over the years thereafter serve as a pipeline of information and give an insider track to the MBAs in commerce and industry.

Professional Advancement: An MBA degree holder is automatically seeded high in all fields of business. Most companies require their managerial staff to be MBA qualified with offers of very attractive compensation packages. If your credential includes an MBA degree, your career will be fast tracked in your present job or it will give you the confidence and solid qualifications in seeking greener pastures.