Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Where Is Heaven?"

"Where Is Heaven?"," Answers generally based on individual religious or theological belief, rather than an explanation or demonstration of whether or not heaven exists as an actually physical locale. If it is a physically tangible locale, that would seem simple enough to understand. But if this view is correct, where do we look to locate heaven. Is it a state or condition of the mind, a certain consciousness? According to Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia, the etymology of the word Heaven derives from the word heven from around 1159 AD, which came from the earlier Old English heofon from around 1000 AD referring to the Christianized ""place where God dwells"" but which earlier meant ""sky, firmament"". According to Hindu cosmology there are six Heavenly levels the Loka's. In Judaism Malkuth Hashamaim ( the Kingdom of Heaven) has seven levels. Practically every description, gives us an area away from earth somewhere in the sky! If we are indeed in search of a tangibly physical realm, in which direction do we look? If two people standing at opposite poles of the earth, two people at opposite points of the globe were to head away from earth in search of heaven, would either of them find it? If it isn't a matter of direction, is it a matter of distance? Steveland Morris, better known as 'Stevie Wonder' used to sing ""They say that Heaven is Ten Zillion light years away"". I'm 'going to' paraphrase Douglas Adams (1952-2001) who is quoted in Richard Dawkins book ' The God Delusion', as saying ""Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"" Likewise isn't it enough that the heavens are so awesome, that we needn't be awed by a belief that they're occupied by angels and a heavenly father? I'd like to list some authors, books and websites, for your perusal. . 




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