Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Real Causes and Treatment Of Acne"

"Real Causes and Treatment Of Acne"," These skin conditions not only cause physical problems but also emotional problems when a lot of young people are in early emotional development. If you think that you are the only person who has acne, do not worry. There are many acne treatments available but first let us look at what causes acne as well as what we can do about it. Acne is usually caused by your skin secreting more oils than what is normal. Many young people have this problem and search for acne treatments. The real problem for blackheads and acne is the bacteria which is lodged within each of your pores of your skin. Most of the bacteria that we touch is fairly harmless. Technically, acne is called ""folliculitus"". What happens is that the extra oil has this bacteria and your body naturally reacts to it like an infection. Your body thinks that it is under attack and fights the invader. They all work in different ways by attempting to stop your acne problems. Benzyol peroxide is a strong oxidizer and will dry out your skin. They help stop blackhead development. It is a medicine that prior was only available through prescription. Retin A treatment works by causing your skin to manufacture skin cells at a great rate than what your skin usually produces. It does work pretty well and is not that expensive. Another acne treatment is a pill called Accutane. This acne treatment causes your body to secrete less oil at the skin level. However, this acne treatment is expensive and can cause some bad side effects.

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