Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birds Falling Out the Sky - Is This a Warning?

"Birds Falling Out the Sky - Is This a Warning?"," Blackbirds and Jackdaws falling from the sky, and Turtle doves dying on mass in am Italian park are to many people, a sign that perhaps nature may be warning us of some impending disaster.
 The fact thousands of birds suddenly fall, and die without any explanation, can awaken a deep feeling of sadness, and foreboding in us.
 When dead Jackdaws fell from the sky in Sweden, many local people remained apprehensive remembering an old Norse legend of falling birds, occurring before a great environmental disaster.
 Little was mentioned of the ancient American Indian belief that we are first forewarned by falling birds- that our ""creators"" are soon to return.

The big question is -Is nature warning us about something?

It is a hard question to answer given the fact there are so many alternative theories today, like the presence of UFO's somehow killing the birds, or a poisonous gas affecting the birds as they passed an awakening volcano.

Science may speculate and try to answer the increasing riddle of these unfortunate birds, but fails to fully answer the biggest question of all- Why suddenly in 2011, are we experiencing the sudden deaths of flocks of birds, across our continents?

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