Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Do You Know the Real Cause of Acne?"

"Do You Know the Real Cause of Acne?"," Have you noticed how your acne keeps coming back just after you would stop using a product? For how many months/years you have acne but you are still having breakouts? To permanently get rid of acne, you need to find out the root cause.  The Real Cause of Acne We have all heard that acne is caused by hormonal imbalance; this is why teenagers are more prone to acne. Toxins are usually accumulation of fat chemicals that that liver cannot remove.  With a toxin overload, some will be dumped onto the liver. But with the additional toxins, the liver will have to do some of the kidney's work, which means the liver will not work at full capacity. This is how acne occurs.  Eating properly is extremely important when you have acne as you that inside your body something is not going well.