Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Men and Dating

Far too often it seems that men complain about how women are complicated, fickle and mysterious creatures that they will never understand and can never please. Finding the right gal can be a troublesome affair for many guys.

The truth is though, that dating isn't a mysterious craft
 It's not like you're learning alchemy. It's not something that requires years of intensive training. It's a natural thing. Simply stick to a few set rules and you'll be fine. Your first date will simply be a prelude of good things to come.

Keep in mind that despite the stress associated with the first date, it should be a fun, romantic and light. It's nothing too formal, you're not dating the queen. But that doesn't mean that you can get away with having a soda at Taco Bell's. There are two steadfast expectations: you pick the girl up and you go somewhere, usually requiring a reservation of some sort.

A smart gentleman will have something planned beforehand. You can't just magically whisk a date out of your baseball cap. Make reservations to a nice restaurant or get tickets to a show. It doesn't have to be overly fancy or formal--just have a plan. Women like men with plans.

Don't insult your date by taking her to some gauche and cheap bar or chain restaurant. You want to make your first date special so don't be afraid to spend a little time making plans. Don't be cheap either--that's extremely unattractive especially on a first date.

Communication is an important part of any relationship at any stage. Remember to call your date to confirm. Don't ring her at the very last moment; your date won't appreciate this at all. A girl doesn't like to be kept in suspense. It's common courtesy to call. And it's really an easy thing to do too. So do it.

Don't be late. Punctuality is good form. Being late shows your date that you don't value her time. Besides if you are late you're already jeopardizing your date. It simply looks bad and your date won't be happy. If you know you're going to be late, again, pick up the phone as soon as you can.

Flattery in moderation is a good thing. If you really like your lady, don't be afraid to tell her so. But again, practice the time tested measure of moderation. You don't want to come on too strong as that's off putting. Simply saying, '
you look great,' will put you in her good graces.

Don't be afraid to pick up the check. Despite equal rights and all that jazz, women still like it when the man pays for dinner. Besides that, most women have already spent a small fortune just preparing for the evening.

Now if your date doesn't go as expected, be gracious and courteous. Don't offer false hopes of phone calls that will never be made. Tell your date thanks for coming and wish her a goodnight. It's not that hard.

If the date goes well, make sure your date knows you had a good time and set up another date before the night is over. Walk her to her door. Be a gentleman, but take things to the next level if she's willing.

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