Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Causes of Bad Breath: New Research Reveals True Cause

"Causes of Bad Breath: New Research Reveals True Cause"," Medications (including allergy medications) cause bad breathe

 Mouthwash with alcohol causes bad breath

 Dry mouth causes bad breath

The fact is that everyday common over-the-counter hygiene

products, beverages an medications can be the "mysterious"

cause of your bad breath! Medications and alcohol dry out

the mouth, creating less saliva which leads to less oxygen

in the mouth.
 In short simple terms, oral bacteria

cause bad breath.
 At night your mouth is at rest and

drier than in waking hours, so bacteria grow.
Likewise, when you are sick and congested, possibly breathing out of your mouth, you probably noticed your breath smells.

How do I Avoid the Bacteria That Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is caused by excessive bacteria in the mouth.
 Surprisingly, those commercials

and ads that tell us to pop a mint or use a mouth wash to

deal with bad breath are always accurate.
 How so? The

bacteria that cause bad breath live and breed beneath the

tongue's surface, on the tonsils and in the throat, not on

the surface where it can be scraped or brushed off or

dissolved with a wash or mint.

Does Food Cause Bad Breath?

You bet your garlic breadsticks they do.
 If you regularly consume these foods, it can create

higher amounts of bacteria and lead to halitosis.
 Researchers are still searching for a reason why

some people are prone to develop more of the beneficial

bacteria, which in bulk are no longer beneficial because

they cause bad breathe
 Okay, sounds complicated, right? In other words, make sure you are using the right type of bad breath eliminator to do the job for you.
 These give your mouth a strong taste, which then leads you to believe if your mouth tastes "medicated" or minty, then your breath must smell good.