Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The Real Cause of Acne"

"The Real Cause of Acne"," If you suffer from having acne, then you should start to look towards the root cause of acne and work at solving that. What causes that? When you solve the root reason for the acne, your skin will stay clear for good. There are different viewpoints and ideas from everybody. So many conflicting ideas make it really hard for someone trying to clear their face to follow one idea without breaking the rules of another. Now, some of these remedies may work for some people, but from my experience, most of them don't do anything. So, the big question is what is the cause of acne? I've narrowed this down to two very big reasons. When you eat foods, your body will end up becoming unbalanced and this can lead to acne. The next step is to start avoiding those aggravating foods and counter them with more balancing foods. check it out here