Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Fish Oil Tablets and the Importance of High Quality Product Standards"

"Fish Oil Tablets and the Importance of High Quality Product Standards"," A daily fish oil tablet should improve digestion, reduce inflammation and possibly improve the appearance of your skin. But, some of the fish oil tablets on the market contain mercury, dioxins, PCBs and/or free radicals. We are exposed to enough toxins in the air, water and processed foods. The COA will list the amount of contaminants that are present, if any. Oxidation, which is just another word for spoilage, starts to occur as soon as the fishermen pull in their catch. If it is allowed to lay on the dock for hours or days, there will be a lot of spoilage. This also means that the supplements contain free radicals. If they are encapsulated, the only oxidation that occurs is prior to encapsulation. That costs money. If a manufacturer does have a fish oil tablet analyzed, the results will be posted on their websites. Many people are aware of the problem with contaminants. The maximum level of oxidation should not exceed 17. That's right ""none"". There is a great deal of variation in the amount of omega3 fatty acids that are present in each fish oil tablet. Most supplements contain more DHA than EPA, the reverse should be true. Other considerations include the type of fish that the oils were derived from and whether it is expressed from the liver or the flesh. The best fish oil tablets come from small cold water species like hoki. 

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