Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Marriage-Go-Round - Tips to Maintaining Your Sanity and Avoiding the Mental Institution"

"The Marriage-Go-Round - Tips to Maintaining Your Sanity and Avoiding the Mental Institution"," Its a lot like the lives of most moms and wives but being believers, we have to be more mindful of our responses & reactions to situations because we are striving to walk in the light of God's love. We are SO not better than non-christian mommas (not even close). Here are just some examples: When our HUSBANDS: ~ refuse to listen to us, do the wrong thing, then later on tell us we were right. ~ asks us if its ""that time of the month"". ~ asks for the millionth time where your child's diaper, wipes, diaper rash cream, clothes, shoes, etc. ~ leave us stay-at-home-mom's with kids all day and then wonder why we need a Mom's night Out once a week. A Christian wife gets just as angry as any other wife BUT: ~ When we feel like hitting him over the head with a frying pan, instead we pray for him to become a mighty man of valor. ~ When we want to dump a dirty diaper in his lunch & shout at him to ""learn facts about your child by spending more time with him!"", instead we thank God for him being such a good dad and a father who is crazy about his child. ~ When we want to tell his mother what she can do with her marriage survival advice (this IS her third marriage after all), we instead Thank The Lord for the blessing of family & pray that we become closer knit. The same thing goes for being a faith-filled MOM: ~ When our child asks us ""Why mommy???"" For the ten millionth time, instead of screaming ""Because I said so!"" at the top of our lungs (because come on, you know you've done that at least twice) we just thank God for him being so inquisitive. ~ When our pets scratch the walls, vomit on the just vacuumed floors, tear holes in the new sofa, or eat the chicken off of your plate, instead of calling your nearest no-kill shelter & telling them to prepare to take four more kitties, we thank The Lord for our furry friends who help us laugh & make our lives a lot sweeter. ~ When the laundry seems to have taken over the house (It's alive!!!) & the diaper genie is full (so soon???), and the litter boxes need cleaning (Yuck! Again?) and the dishes need to be done after you've stood on your feet for over an hour preparing the huge dinner that your 3 yr old refused to eat (""I want peanut butter & jelly!""), instead of calling the nearest mental institution and signing yourself up, you get down on your knees and pray for strength, guidance, love, joy, peace, and the faith to know that (eventually) everything will be alright. Forget the Emmy Awards! Screw the Oscars! Where the heck are the Mom Awards??? When are the Wife Of The Year Awards coming on??? I want to see those! And still keeping our God-fearing heads cool even when the devil (the blackguard!) tries to war with us at every angle? Seriously? We more than deserve a HUGE pat on the back. I hate the fact that Sesame Street is playing babysitter while I do it, but sometimes that's how it has to be. .