Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Is Your Success Distance

"What Is Your Success Distance, Determine How You Will Succeed"," So, what is the distance between you and success in whatever field you choose? What is the distance between you and success in your marketing, financial, relationship, happiness or health matters? It does not matter what you are looking to succeed at - the principle here is the same.
 Let us examine each one.
 Physical distance is the easiest distance component to understand, so we shall not spend too much time on it.
 Like they say in real estate, it is all about location, location, and location.

Mind or intellectual knowledge is next.
 The only thing more powerful than it is Soul or emotional distance.
 A doctor is paid for medical knowledge, but only when she uses it to heal, when she expresses it.
 So it is very obvious that to get more success in any area of life, you must improve your knowledge of that area of life.
 It is the errors in your thinking that cause 'failure'.
 So read.
 In fact, learn to ask your Higher Self questions.
 Just formulate your question and consciously ask your Higher Self this question.
 It is only you who have been ignoring it because of too much worry and mental noise.
 Then drop your worries and be observant! In the very next moment, or day, or person, or movie, or magazine, or book you see on the bookshelf, your answer will have been brought to you.
 The answer may not be the one you expect, but it will be the one that will lead you to success, even if at first you may not see how.
 Simply put, you are an energy system.
 If you were to magnify yourself, you would find that you are made of cells, which are in turn made up of molecules of various substances.
 And atoms are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons.
 An electron is an energy packet.
 And so is everything else.
 At every moment, even if you are not aware of it, you are feeling a certain emotion.
 So when you are happy, you attract happy conditions.
 Therefore, the most important thing is this: how do you FEEL Now? Always, all ways, it matters most how you feel now, because that is what creates your experiences.
 to succeed in finances, you must heal all feelings of negativity towards money, low self-esteem, poor self worth, victim mentality, certain fears, and so on.
 Effort begets the results of effort, nothing more or less.
 Look, if hard work was all you needed to succeed, half this planet would be rich.
 To succeed in your relationships, you must be love itself, yourself.
 All other feelings of fear and so on increase the distance between you and your success.
 By the way, when I say 'drop fear' I do not mean that you resist it.
 in fact, what you resist persists and grows stronger.

Well, there you go.
 Well, it is a start, but you must follow through yourself - no one can do it for you.
 Don't let your old fears imprison you for ever.
 Just do it!