Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Real Cause of Toenail Infections"

"Real Cause of Toenail Infections"," To become infected firstly the nail bed would first need to be cut to allow the fungal spore to be introduced. These types of wounds are more likely to cause bacterial infection. More and more we see people who have had an infection that has spread to all ten toes but the causative mechanism is not necessarily a bad pedicure. Toenail fungus may in fact be the result of an internal fungal infection where that human body, in order to deal with these infection causing organisms discharges them through the skin. This increased activity can provide a great site for discharging the internal fungal infection organisms. This occurs commonly through the food material that is ingested. Much of the food that humans consume can contain high levels of fungus and mycotoxins. Certain foods have a higher concentration of mycotoxins then others. Grains will have what is considered as ""universal contamination"" due to the fact they contain many different types of fungi. Any food high in sugar including fruit can be included in this grouping. Once present within the GI tract the fungus can easily spread to colonize the entire tract. The consumption of fermented and acidic foods will accelerate the process. The overuse of antibiotics is known to damage healthy gut flora and can allow the overgrowth of fungus. Other conditions which can cause issues are things like digestive disorders, diabetes, chronic adrenal stress and heavy metal toxicity. . check it out here