Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Top 7 Health Food Lies You Must Know About"

"Top 7 Health Food Lies You Must Know About"," To make matters worse, the government makes it easier for food manufacturers to falsely label food products because there are many loop holes in labeling laws. While many people have the common knowledge that fast food, sweets, and other common junk foods are not good for our health, it is the so-called healthy foods that are tricky to identify. v. Now, for our list. 1. Cheerios is probably the most popular ""healthy"" cereal because of their heavy marketing slogan which claims that it ""can lower your cholesterol. That means that there's a possibility that it can lower your cholesterol but it's not for sure. This means that Cheerios is basically made up of mostly carbohydrates with a little bit of fiber and protein. If there is one cereal that I would recommend to my clients, it would be Fiber One Cereal but I would only recommend the Original Bran flavor and not the other ones because it has the highest fiber content and has zero calories from sugar. 2. You can mostly see ""sugar free"" claims on candies, salad dressings, and baked goods. When you look at the nutrition information for their Sugar Free Special Dark Chocolate, you can see that 5 square pieces (one serving) of it contains, 15 g of fat with 9 g of it coming from saturated fat and 23 g of carbohydrates. This signals a red flag in my head so I'd rather have 85% dark chocolate than eat this so called ""special dark chocolate. 3. Most fat free foods are heavily laden with sugar. A lot of people seem to think that eating fat free foods is the answer to losing weight but in fact, it is quite the opposite. Another type of food where the fat free claim is used a lot is in meats like hotdogs, ground beef, deli lunch meats, etc. Here are the nutrition facts: * Serving size: 1 link * Calories per serving: 39 * Calories from Fat: 2 * Percentage of Calories from Fat: 4. 2 g So, how can it contain 0. 5 g of fat, it can be labeled fat free. 2 g of fat may not look like a lot to you, I don't ever remember eating just one hot dog in one sitting. 4. You mean, I can eat a chocolate chip cookie and only consume 100 calories? Yay!. Nay :( Again, the sugar in these so called portion control snacks can wreak havoc to your insulin levels which means that they trigger even more sweet cravings later on. Another food in the portion control category are the frozen dinners or meals. In order to preserve the food and add more flavor to frozen meals, the manufacturers add an insane amount of salt which can cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. 5. But, keep in mind that when you do eat healthy fats from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almonds, Pecans, etc, that fats are still high in calories. Yes, it's healthy but if you eat too much of it, you're still taking in a lot of calories. 6. Personally, I love to get my organic fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market because they are oh so fresh and grown locally. For instance, on my trip to the grocery store the other day, I was so surprised to find organic potato chips and organic ice cream. 7. Fruit Juices are nothing but pasteurized/processed sugar and is probably not any better than diet sodas. Take Away Normally, I wouldn't rant here in my blog. The lesson of the whole post is this: if you are buying anything that is packaged, boxed, or processed, check the ingredients first and really look into the nutrition facts. Otherwise, we will all be better off with eating more whole foods and buying from local farmers.  . THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND  

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