Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad Breath Home Remedies That Work!

"Bad Breath Home Remedies That Work!"," When I

use a store bought mouth wash it stings during the process

and afterwards I'm left with my mouth open, waiting for the

pain to go away, all the while salivating all over the floor.

 While searching for alternative

methods I quickly learned there are many bad breathe home

remedies which have been used for thousands of years. And

they're easy to use or make.

Top Seven Bad Breath Home Remedies

Bad breath home remedy #1: Herbs

Instead of toting around breath mints to fight bad breath

after a meal, carry a tin or baggie of herbs such as mint

(the real one), thyme, fennel, cinnamon, anise, or cloves.

Bad Breath home remedy #2: Baking soda

You know baking soda as an ingredient in recipes, however

it is also used in laundry and refrigerators to combat

 Simply add some to

your toothbrush, add a little water, scrub and rinse.
 This is also

a remedy used to help get rid of a sore throat.

Many essential oils have qualities that can fight bad


For mouth wash, add one drop of Myrrh oil to warm water.
 It is also meant to be eaten to help fight

bad breath from odorous meals.

Bad breath home remedy #7: Apple cider vinegar

For such an odd smelling liquid, vinegar has many uses and

can help cure quite a few ailments.

Three Common Products that Don't Fight Bad Breath

So, what doesn't work to fight bad breath? In 2002 The

American Academy of Periodontology surveyed members about

the least effective bad breath home remedies used by their


Ineffective bad breath home remedies #1: Overusing


This can actually make your bad breath worse by

contributing to a dry mouth.

Ineffective bad breath home remedies #3: Chewing gum

Chewing gum, like breath mints, is not good for fighting

bad breath since it only hides the smell.

If you are looking for a way to fight bad breath that is

inexpensive and inoffensive, give some of these bad breathe

home remedies a try.



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