Thursday, May 31, 2012

"What is the Real Cause of Climate Warming You Ask?"

"What is the Real Cause of Climate Warming You Ask?"," It has been and indeed still is argued by many that the Earth's atmospheric temperatures are not heating up much, thus, merely within a range or normal climate cycle - warming periods versus ice ages. Last week, I was discussing this with a climate expert, someone who has studied global warming for nearly 3-decades, and he was explaining that ""The sun's irradiance is trap, causing the surface temperature to rise, just like in an actual green house. The results are a temperature rise within the green house. Still, there are many reasons that temperatures heat up in a biosphere, weather artificial like the one in Tucson, AZ or the Earth's biosphere itself. Indeed, all the global warming alarmists could be purposely miss-reading data or just ignorant academic scientists playing for more research dollars. The ocean could heat up from underwater volcanic activity too, lots of things can cause the planet's atmosphere to heat up, that is ""if"" it is, and even ""if"" it were, so what? My acquaintance noted that; ""In winter the greenhouse gas theory makes no sense, because there's not suppose to be enough irradiance from the sun for any green house gases to trap in winter. But if it is heating up, why is it heating up? Solar flares, underground volcanoes, space weather, gamma bursts, solar maximum solar flares, what? Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this. check it out here