Monday, May 7, 2012

The role of an orchid farm

An orchid farm is a place where orchids are grown, usually to be shipped out around the world. Orchids are a very attractive and varied family of flowers. They also encompass the largest plant family of all.

Orchids grow wild and on farms all over the world. You can visit almost any country and find a native orchid plant. Unfortunately, many natural habitats of orchids are being destroyed. Of the thousands of orchid species, most are considered to be rare and/or endangered. Orchid farms play an important role in the preservation and continued development of orchid species.

Some orchid farms create new species of orchids by cross pollinating two orchid species with one another. One example is the Udorn Sunshine Orchid, which was created in Thailand by cross pollinating a Vanda with a Josephine Van Berrow.

With the growing number of endangered orchids, natural areas are being protected and become sanctuaries or national parks. For example, the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary in India is home to over two hundred species of orchids. Twelve of them are considered rare species

Many countries have orchid farms as part of their economical structure. Thailand, for example, draws a lot of income from its orchid farms. They grow the orchids and ship them to florists and nurseries all over the world. Many of their orchid farms are also open to tourists visiting the area.

New Zealand is another country that has a remarkable orchid farm. In Rotokauri, located in western Hamilton, New Zealand, there is an abundance of orchids. One thing that makes this particular location interesting is that all of their orchids are grown under glass. The farm provides a boost to the local economy and the flowers are sent to distributors all over the world.

Unfortunately, there are some orchid farms that have been destroyed. Sometimes, they simply can't be kept up. Other times, developers move in and clear out the habitats to build housing and commercial locations.

Orchidville in Singapore was transformed into a full service train depot now called the Mandai Depot. Before, it was home to beautiful and flourishing and was, in fact the largest orchid farm in Singapore. Housing developments took the place of the orchid farms that existed close to Cheng Lim Farmways and Buangbok Farmways. These former farms are now called Sengkang New Town and Punggol New Town. In the northeast area of Singapore, old pig farms were temporarily leased for orchid farming.

In America, Duke Gardens were once home to the Georgian Garden. It was the part of the larger gardens that contained ferns and orchids. Located in Somerset County, New Jersey, the gardens were replaced by a new learning center with an emphasis on the environment. However, all of those plants were redistributed instead of being destroyed. Without an orchid farm to care for the different species, many orchids would probably be extinct.

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