Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous And Ineffective, Medical Researchers Say

"Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous And Ineffective, Medical Researchers Say"," One of the most prevalent methods that they have used, and one that makes them several billion dollars a year, is to popularize the fable that the general healthy population will have better health outcomes in the future if they take statin drugs to keep their cholesterol levels low today.
 And now, the proponents of natural therapies and natural prevention have even more research on their side.
 What this study found is that almost all studies claiming that cholesterol-lowering drugs are safe have been done by the pharmaceutical companies that sell them.
 The drug trials involved over 34,000 patients.

One of the researchers in the study, Professor Shah Ebrahim from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, was quoted as saying that the researchers ""found that evidence that potential harm is not being taken seriously.

Furthermore, a study published in the British medical Journal in 2010 concluded that for every heart attack allegedly prevented by cholesterol-lowering drugs, two people suffer liver damage, kidney failure, cataracts or extreme muscle weakness as a direct result of taking the statin drugs.

The question for the public is what can we do to help ourselves feel and age better without taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.
 The most important thing to remember regarding cholesterol is that cholesterol in itself is not a bad thing.
 It is impossible for human beings to function properly, hormonally-speaking, if they are suffering from a lack of cholesterol.
 This is what the ratio LDL to HDL refers to.
 Even better news is that there is a natural product called concentrated fish oil which actually raises HDL and lowers LDL, thereby improving your ratio with no side effects whatsoever.
 If you combine this with a natural cholesterol-balancing product you can help yourself tremendously and avoid all the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

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